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Fine Art Prints are now available on Artsy, Artsper, Artland, 1stDibs, Kunstmatrix, and other leading contemporary art platforms in an array of beautiful colors. 


Newly featured are selections from the “Last Days of Summer” series.  Each image is comprised of a vivid matrix of brilliantly hued discs incorporating both abstract and figurative elements from the original paintings, distilled to their coloristic essence. 

"'Last Days of Summer' features energetic abstractions with beautifully rendered beach scenes by Maxwell Stevens. Using jewel-like blues and aquas, he encapsulates the vibrant nature of public beaches, drawing from his cherished memories. With dynamic figurative compositions of sunbathers, surfers, and more, he captures the essence of leisure, friendship, and fleeting summer moments." - ARTRABBIT


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Also currently featured are selections from the “Autumn Leaves” series.  These color-saturated Limited Edition Prints are centered around the theme of musicians and tourists interacting in the public spaces around New York City’s famous Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.


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Newly available are works from the "Modern Portraits" series, based upon overpainted portraits of women in contemporary scenes and situations.  All editioned works are hand-signed and numbered by the artist, and are available with or without frames, according to the specific needs of each client. 


For pricing and further information about the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints of Maxwell Stevens, or to schedule a visit to the Studio Showroom, please contact +1.718.673.0948 or email

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